Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Find your big girl panties...seriously

It's funny how in this day and age you can keep in contact with people, whether phone, text, Facebook etc. It's also funny how people have lost their manners along the way. I grew up in a time when a person called, you call them back. Even if it's a call you're dreading, you pull your big panties on and you do it. Apparently people don't own big panties anymore. Nothing pisses me off more than when you text or email someone and they NEVER get back to you. WTF people?! While most people would chalk this up to the person not wanting any further contact, I guess I'm dense. If I am taking the time to contact you, be courteous, and respond, even if it's to kiss me off. The not knowing what the hell is going on is the most annoying bullshit to deal with. Why is it that with all the modes of conversation that are out there, people are using them less and less and becoming more and more rude? Honestly......

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