Thursday, November 14, 2013

Strong is ALWAYS sexy.....not new.

I am getting pretty sick of seeing "strong is the new sexy" being posted all over Facebook or for that matter Pinterest pics. Seriously, strong has always been sexy, but now since more women are lifting heavy it's acceptable to have muscles? Wrong. I'm tired of seeing the trends. One year, waif like is in, the next, curves are what you want. What happened to just liking what you have already? Oh, that's right, it's never been acceptable. The fact is, women come in all shapes. Trying to put them in one category or expecting them all to fit into skinny jeans is ridiculous. All this does is cause self esteem issues. We wonder why we can't look like so and so, or wear the same size as that VS model. We beat ourselves up, and with all the "new" muscles we are now allowed to have, that can hurt. It's time to just enjoy who we are, what we look like and lift heavy if you want, because really, if muscles are now considered sexy, then I was a trend setter years and years ago....

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