Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Is it time to start looking to a new path?

Being an emotional person is tough. The highs are awesome, the lows really blow. For the past week, I have been experiencing all sorts of both. I was off from work for about 10 days. I won't lie, it was great. I got to hang out with my dogs, be super lazy and not stress about clients, well, except one day, but, that's another blog for another day. I woke up feeling pretty good, ready to reboot my training. To get back into competing again, but being smarter about it this time. I got back into juicing, eating a little better and in general, feeling pretty good. I'm not sure what happened, but,  today I really just want to crawl onto the couch with my dogs and watch movies. I don't want to work on anyone, and I hate that I am like this. I should be excited. I work for myself. I answer to nobody. But all I could think of this morning after I loaded my car up was how much my body hurts. For a long time, I thought the reason I was in so much pain for so long was because I was training too hard, doing too many massages as well. My reality is, this past 10 days, I worked on nobody, and I felt great, trained hard even, but slept good no headaches etc. After my first client today, I'm a hurtin unit, and a bit scared as to what my next steps are. I love what I do. I love that I work for myself. I love that my clients have so much confidence in me and my abilities, and that they recommend me to their friends and family. I'm not sure if I'm ready to ask myself what else I can do if I can't do massage.

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