Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Is it live...or is it memorex?

In this day and age many women, myself included, are obsessed with looks and aging. We wonder how it is that JLo can look so good in her new music video. We wonder how Gwyneth never looks like she is aging, even at 41. We are aware of photo shopping. We understand that many of these women and men are "fixed": wrinkles erased, thighs slimmed etc. What I wasn't aware of was the movies and music videos being altered as well. Does that make me naive? Perhaps, but I would also like to have believed that not everything in this world is make believe. I am 42. I have grey hair, wrinkles and some fat I wouldn't mind being photo shopped off as well, but that's not my reality. I am wondering when it became taboo to age graceful. I can't look at celebrities anymore and guess ages, because so many of them have had some type of work done. While that is their choice, I wonder if they realize how that affects the general population. We wonder why, being about the same age as Jlo and Gwyneth that we may not look as tight in a bathing suit. Why we seem to have so many more wrinkles and wobbly bits. Then we start to question everything that we are doing. What we are eating, drinking, if we are exercising enough, doing the RIGHT exercises and it becomes another whole obsession. We find ourselves on this hamster wheel, never able to get to the right destination. What we don't realize is that for many of us, we have already arrived right where we needed to. My job isn't to look good, or sell products, promote movies or to score huge endorsement deals. My job is to be the best person I can. To be happy with who I am becoming. To accept the flaws I do have and to try not to dwell on the ones I know exist. By getting sucked into the photo shopped world of make believe, I am discounting the person I am. Ignoring how pretty my own eyes are, how strong my own legs are and in general, believing that I don't have anything to offer, since I'm not a size two with  no wrinkles and slim legs. I won't do it anymore. My eyes are now open...and from now on, will be looking at things in a whole new light....

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