Friday, July 19, 2013

Making choices...however hard they may be.

It is extremely hard to want to continue to help people that won't help themselves. I understand that people need to want to do things for themselves, but I also get tired of hearing them say they want to change, and then not do shit about it. I can't fix you. I can't lose weight for you. I can't give you more energy or more mobility. I can give you the tools and the ideas you need to try to move forward with achieving those things, but I also can't sit by and listen to a broken record, week after week. Falling into a depression is shitty. I have been there, and it is hard to climb out of if you are in deep. You can claw your way out, but you have to find that spark, that need to want to be in a better place. I think once you do, you realize you can get better, but it has to come from yourself, and expecting others to do it for you is not only unhealthy, but also not doable. It's easy to spiral. It's easy to look at everyone around you and make assumptions about their lives, how great it must be for them, how happy they must be, without realizing those same people may be dealing with their own shit, but are having a good day for the moment. We all have problems. We all get down. We all spiral from time to time. We all have a choice too, to get up, and try again. To try and focus on the positive, however small that may be at the moment. We also have the choice to not place our burdens or unhappiness onto others and expect them to take care of it for us. We need to be our own advocates. We need to want to help ourselves. To search out things that will help us and make us feel better. We have a choice, and we need to not forget that....

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