Thursday, June 27, 2013

When your patience runs thin waiting for replies from people.....

I admit it, I am not a patient person. Well, with some things, yes, but when it comes to waiting for call backs or replies to email's, I am definitely the worst. You would think that since I grew up in the age of 5 channels on the television, no computers til basically college and definitely no cell phones or email I would be okay with waiting. Well, I'm not. If I call and leave a message, reply to it in a timely fashion, same as email. No, I don't expect a return call within 10 minutes, but 2 days, your damn right I do. Ignoring me will not be the best decision you have made. I will not go away. Although after trying to reach out to people via text or email with no response after 3 of each, well, fuck ya, I have better things to do, and at least I made the effort. In my opinion, it's disrespectful. If you don't have an answer you think I want to hear, still have the balls to reply. I won't bite, but it's better than sitting and wondering why the fuck I am off in Siberia without so much as an acknowledgement from you. I get not wanting to reply to people, or call them back, but I also grew up in a time where manners meant something, and so far, people's manners have taken a nose dive since technology has advanced. People may fear confrontation, I see it when someone is quietly praying for voicemail to pick up, rather than speaking directly, and yes, I am guilty of that too, but, when it comes to a business decision, man up, call back, reply to an email, otherwise I have no problem with crowding your inbox or leaving countless voice mails for you......And we can see how long YOUR patience lasts.

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