Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My reality of yoga....

In theory, yoga sounds great. It's this magical place where you only have to worry about the four corners of your mat. The place where you can shut the world out for 60-90 minutes at a time. The place where no judgements are made. The place where you go at your own pace. The place where the teachers take the time to adjust you. The place where you can lose weight. Well, at least according to many actresses anyway. In reality, at least my own, it is the opposite. The four sacred corners of your mat may be too small to move on if the class is over packed. The 60-90 minutes you were hoping to escape from the real world has suddenly followed you into class. The faces that stare at you up and down while you either walk into the studio, or are changing afterwards are uncomfortable. The wonderful teachers are busy either staring at themselves in the mirror, or only adjusting the people they know. And honestly, while yoga can help to trim you down, many of those wonderful actresses run or train with a trainer as well. Yoga is not fun anymore. Stressing out about how crowded a class will be, finding a parking spot, worrying if what you are wearing is somehow the "wrong" look. It's not what the purpose of yoga is for. I don't see people in India worrying about their Lululemons having sweat marks or being the latest style. Yoga has become so commercial, it's hard for me NOT to turn my back on it. All I wanted was a place where I could work on my flexibility and recharge myself. Instead I had to deal with non working trophy wives who are too busy talking to each other to notice there is anyone else in the studio. While this may only be my own experience, it's still an experience that I shouldn't have to deal with. So go ahead yoga studio, keep cranking out more locations and adding more inept teachers. I guess if your goal was to become the Starbucks of yoga, it looks like you made it.

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