Monday, April 29, 2013

When will society get past their hang ups?

Sometimes I wonder why I even bother. People see what they want to see, rather than taking a moment to actually get to know you, they make assumptions. My recent shopping excursion is no exception. I am a 42 year old woman, with short hair styled in a slight mohawk, with tattoos. I also happen to be more muscular than most women my age due to the heavy lifting I was doing. Having to return a defective product to a retailer that shall remain nameless, I made my way to the customer service counter, only to have a woman stare at me up and down and proceed to tell me I can go to the other register because "they are going to be a while" to which I politely reply "there is a line there as well, and I don't mind waiting my turn". Again, all I receive is the up and down. I then am able to explain why I am returning the item, only to be hassled because the receipt doesn't match what the computer is saying, which can only mean one thing, I am trying to pull a fast one on them apparently. I then try to explain why there is a discrepancy, only to be treated with disdain. It all got taken care of, but it pissed me off. My husband and I just dropped a shit ton of money for new furniture at their home store only a month ago, where is it written that a person with tattoos doesn't have money to spend? I could understand if I was perpetuating some sort of stereotype, but, I wasn't and I never do. My reasons for my ink are for me alone, not to draw some random person into a conversation about how deep I am because I have them, or for the person who's job is to sell me something to question me or make me feel like I don't belong there. When will society get past their hang ups? Because honestly, the more small minded people I come into contact with, the more I can understand why people become anti social.

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