Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Some people need a hobby....

In this day and age, everyone is an expert, at least in their own minds. Whether it be professionally or personally, some people really seem to think they do know everything, until they open their mouths, then it becomes obvious: they don't know shit. I don't claim to be an expert in anything, my job, my training or even my relationship, so when people ask me for advice concerning any of those topics, I usually preface that I am no expert or it's only my opinion. I tend to get a bit pissed off though when someone asks me for advice, which I then give, and their reply is "WRONG" followed by "When you get a moment, check out my Facebook page and you can see what I majored in". Honestly, you ask me about massage, you ask me about stretching etc and when I reply, you throw your Kineasolgy degree in my face? If you are the expert, why are you trolling for answers? To make yourself look good? Because if that's the case, you seriously need a new hobby. I am tired of people that are antagonistic for the sake of being antagonistic. I have enough shit going on that I really don't have time to get into  battles with small minded people that have nothing better to do. If you want to be an expert, go do it with your buddies at the lame ass gym you train at, the ones that are never honest with you on your lifts, the ones that make you feel safe because you are afraid of other people's opinions and advice. Because seriously, you may have a degree, but that doesn't make you an expert in anything, just a douche bag that likes to throw it around....and one who needs a new hobby to keep that little brain of yours occupied and off Facebook.

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