Monday, April 22, 2013

Looking for the light switch...

Emotional roller coasters are never fun. By the time they are over you are left feeling so beaten down and exhausted that all you want to do is go to sleep for days. I realize that in life you are going to be faced with tough choices, be surrounded by people that will test you and that there will be days when the only thing that sounds good is laying on the couch watching Pride & Prejudice and eating cookies. Well, maybe the last thing is just me, but the point is, we all go through this. The need to control everything is strong, that you think if you can just have a grasp on this one thing, everything else will be fine. Unfortunately, we can't control things, and believe me, I continue to try, even though I know better. I try to look at the world like a yoga mat, I can only control what is happening within the four corners of my mat, but truth be told, sometimes I really want to roll up my mat and hit the person next to me with it. I know, not very zen of me, but, I should get points for not going through with it, right? As I age, I keep waiting for the light to go off, for some moment of clarity where you realize everything is okay and whatever comes up, you will be able to handle it. Til then, I feel like I am fumbling around looking for the light switch.

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