Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What is a trainer?

What is a trainer? Easy enough question to answer right? Well, I thought so, but apparently there are different ideas of what a trainer is and should actually be doing. I always thought a trainer was someone who watched over and lent guidance to new people. Someone who shared their knowledge and expertise in a given subject or field. Someone who leads others down a path to help them learn a new position or proper form. It seems this is lost in so many areas of life. At places of employment, I see people left to their own, with a "sink or swim" mentality. Are people afraid to share knowledge with the new person for fear they might pass them over in the future? It seems sabotage is the name of the game, or at least the art of giving as little knowledge to get by and do their job, but not enough to stand out and surpass. It's sad and pathetic to be honest. I look around at the gym where I train, and I see it, day after day: bad form, no correction and little to no interaction. I suppose it makes sense, why have your client actually be successful? Then they won't be paying you any longer. In reality, all this does is make you look like the shitty trainer you actually are. If you have been working with someone, week after week, for over a year, and they haven't change one bit, I'm sorry, but that's an issue, especially when I see how poorly you are training that client. While I understand that when a client leaves the gym, you are no longer responsible, but yet, if you are educating them a lot more than you are currently, they might actually be successful, but then again, that's when they don't need you anymore. Being a successful trainer is hard, it takes time and dedication, not just a weekend certification. And as silly as this may sound, I would rather have 5 successful clients out there, that are showing the results of my educating them, rather than 25 that aren't making me look too good.....

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