Friday, March 30, 2012

Who is Tiger Woods?

I remember a while back, after the whole Tiger Woods debacle, someone asking the Dali Lama what his thoughts were regarding the whole situation, and he very seriously asked "Who is Tiger Woods?" I remember laughing so hard, I almost pissed myself. Then it made me realize just how awesome it would be to be so unaware of anything or anyone so trivial. Our society has become so engrossed in other peoples lives, it's hard to really have a serious conversation, or at least a meaningful one sometimes. When people are more concerned with what Snooki is wearing, or what Real Housewife of whatever county is saying, than they are with the real issues that affect them, it scares the shit out of me. Especially when so many of them are young, aren't they supposed to be the future of this Country? Should I really trust that the person who is texting while driving, doing who knows what with bath salts or follows Snooki on twitter is really going to know how to take care of anyone but a chia pet? And even that's questionable..poor chia pet....The information age is both positive and negative, and I would be a hypocrite if I said I don't enjoy my Ipod, but I also like to think I am a lot more informed on the real issues that can, are or will be affecting me, and it frightens me to think that so many others are not. So, I have to wonder how those people that live their lives thru others, especially celebrities, are going to do when a real issue comes up in their life, because I really don't see Snooki personally visiting them to help them thru their difficult time, unless a paycheck is being presented. So, perhaps it's time for more of us to ask "Who is (insert celebrity name here)?.....

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