Friday, March 16, 2012

Do women even matter anymore?

Ever get the feeling women are being lead back into the cave? Or at least the kitchen, barefoot, pregnant with no opinions or options? I am simply aghast at the recent stories I have been reading, Romney talking about "getting rid of Planned Parenthood", or Arizona in regards to birth control not being covered by insurance, unless used for a medical condition, and if an employer finds out a female employee IS using it for otherwise, they can be terminated. Or how about that lovely Senator that tell women to "just look away" when being required to undergo an ultrasound before seeking an abortion. When the hell did women start being treated like they were nothing? Am I not an equal person in Republican eyes? Because it sure as hell feels like I'm not. And why the hell are these people either getting elected, or continue to get elected based on their beliefs? It frightens me to think anyone, not just a man, would think to know what is better for me, or my body, than myself. Isn't it time women really start using their voices? Because if we don't soon, we might as well get ready for our housewife martini lunch existence, and I don't know about you, but I'm not a fan of cooking in skirts wearing an apron, or living my life through my children because my own prospects are non existent......and my opinions don't matter.....

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