Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Struggling? Really? What planet are you on?

I read an interesting opening to a story today regarding Jennifer Lopez: "She may currently be struggling with single motherhood"...Wow...I cannot even imagine how many actual non famous, non multi- million dollar, non nanny having single moms out there would NOT find that a bit offensive. Every day I come across a story about a celebrity that's just trying to "keep it real" by basically pretending how much they can relate to the every day people that roam this earth. I don't actually believe them, mostly because it seems the more they try to convince you they really do grocery shop by themselves, or drive their own cars, it seems they also fly off the handle a bit quicker when a certain color flower isn't available for their trailer. They spend all this time trying to get to the "top" and when they arrive, all talk about "wanting to be anonymous" or how hard it really is being them...Stop with the bullshit please! If you don't want to be famous, don't make a sex tape then shop it around for the best deal! If you want to be left alone, stop partying every night and looking around for the paparazzi to take pictures of it! Stop serial dating actors that are as famous or more famous than yourself! It's hard to feel any type of sympathy for someone who gravitates towards the bright lights and starts believing the things they are told over and over again. Just as it's hard to really feel any real sympathy for Ms. Lopez as a single mother...especially when she's touring, shopping for jewelery with the new boy toy, going on vacation and staging a "comeback" and has a nanny.....I really can't recall many of the real single mothers I have known having to deal with the same thing.....

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