Thursday, October 27, 2011

That's mine...I pee'd on it...see??

Sometimes I am surprised I don't see more people pissing in corners, or on different objects in order to make them their own. I can't help but have this image in my head of a 195 pound man squatting over a bar and bumper plates, and letting out a huge stream of piss just because I asked how many sets he had left. It's also ironic that most of the women at the gym, that line up their towels and water bottles 30 minutes before some group fitness class aren't doing the same thing...Sadly, it isn't just at the gym I see this behavior, it's also at work...I could give a rats ass what room you claim is "yours", but to give me an attitude about it, well, I won't tolerate that...Save your "mine, mine, mine" speech for someone else, I really don't want to hear it...just want to do my job, or lift what I need to at the gym, without being given the "stink eye"....The reality is, these are all objects that can go away, so honestly, when will they ever be "yours"? And if you are that small minded at the gym, or at work I can only imagine how you are every where else....your car, the grocery store, coffee shop, or even in bed....No thanks. So, the next time I ask you how many sets you have left, save the attitude, answer my question and move on, and don't even THINK about claiming that bar......

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