Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Yhe "norm" in poor planning....

When did it become the "norm" that poor planning on your part all of a sudden becomes an emergency on my part? I come into contact with this mentality on a daily basis, it's really quite sad. It seems the more we have to distract ourselves with, the worse we become when coming into contact with others. Here's an example: While driving at the speed limit (in the right lane I must add), I observe a woman in her car, passing me full on, chatting her phone (obviously), who happens to be in the far left lane (keep in mind this is a three lane highway). Anyway, all of a sudden, the breaks light up, and she suddenly swerves to the exit that she almost passed, on the far right side. Never mind she's still on the phone, or that there are 4 other cars that had to break in order to avoid hitting one another, and while the other cars are honking at this woman, she's oblivious, so wrapped up in her phone call, she doesn't seem to care how many people she almost hurt. Why? Because she was so wrapped up in doing everything but DRIVING HER FUCKING CAR, it really didn't matter to her who she could have possibly hurt, she HAD to get off at that exit...As a society we have become so wrapped up in our own needs, we tend to forget others really shouldn't have to accommodate us in order to make that happen. If you are running late, that's not my problem, get off my ass. If you are driving your car, get off your phone, stop yelling at your kids or whatever it is that compels you to do everything else but drive your car....And stop assuming YOUR time is more valuable than my time because you couldn't plan your day better....Wait your turn....Or did you not learn that one in grade school?

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