Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Favorite person of the day...NOT!

Yet, another rant about stupid people, sorry, but seeing as I am surrounded by them, it seems to be hard not to talk about it. As I left the gym this morning, I was starting to enter the parking lot, when a Lexus driving b*tch of a woman, without her headlights on by the way, almost ran right into me. The best part is that she still didn't seem to see me, even as she grazed right by me. Surprisingly, she wasn't on her phone. I guess I shouldn't have been too surprised. I see this woman on a daily basis at the gym. She's one of those "cardio queens", always doing the same routine, with the same two pieces of cardio equipment, and never with a smile on her face, just a constant scowl. Anyway, on more than one occasion, she has used her phone in the locker room (which is forbidden), never once said "Thank you" when the door has been held for her, even been seen pushing past other people to get swiped first. What for I ask? Do you really think you are that much more important than the others that are around you? From what I can tell, it looks like you need to have surgery soon to get that stick removed from your ass, should really think about wearing longer pants (shorts are not a good look sweetie) and perhaps start lifting some weights, rather than making out with the stair climber day after day. I realize you are probably a pretty miserable person, as shown to me today when you almost ran me over, but honestly, start using some common fucking courtesy when you are out in public, because I for one am tired of dealing with the outcome of you not....Perhaps it is now time to schedule that surgery, huh? I know the cardio equipment you use will feel a little let down when you aren't there every day to use it, but I think it will survive......

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