Friday, June 24, 2011

X-Rays of our Asses?!

So, I sit here in quiet disbelief after reading a headline on one of the news sites I follow, key word being "news", when I happen to see a headline regarding Kim Kardashian. Now, I am not a reality show follower, I really don't understand the draw, but to each his own I say. What caught my eye was the fact that she actually had an x-ray done of her ass to prove to everyone that it is in fact her real ass, and not implants...WTF?! Is this what the world is coming to? Aren't we still involved in two wars? Aren't gas prices too high? Isn't the state of Minnesota on the verge of a government shutdown? And yet, this is what people are interested in...the dumbing down of America continues I see...It reminded me of an article a while back, during the whole Tiger Woods scandal, when the Dali Lama was asked his feelings on the subject (since Tiger is such a HUGE Buddhist apparently) the Dali Lama replied he did not know who Tiger Woods was...I miss the days when celebrities were a bit more anonymous, a little less into proving how "normal" they are, and when people actually made decisions for themselves, not because George Clooney or Demi Moore feel a certain way....And when I could read real news......

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