Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Trying to be's a challenge at times..

I am trying to figure out why it is so hard to be nice to people. They tend to make it very difficult I have to say. Sound too negative? Well, again, at least I am honest about it. Our society is all about getting ahead of the person in front of them, having the better car, bigger house the expense of who and what I have to wonder. I live in a nice neighborhood, one might consider it affluent. I don't. I see it as more of a prison to be honest with you, with it's ticky tacky little boxes, stepford type occupants and constant one-upmanship. The manicured lawns, underground sprinkler systems and landscaping drive me insane sometimes. Mostly because I can't believe that at one point I was a part of that. Why I ask myself. Was it because I had no self worth? I had to show everyone how much money I could spend? Seek outside approval from strangers? And why, they are STRANGERS....Not people I spend any time with...and after observing some of these people's behavior, I definitely do not want to get to know them. These are the people that go flying at warp speed in their cars in a residential neighborhood, no regards to pets or children playing, yet are the first to put a hand written sign in their lawns that simply states "slow down!"...The same ones that will fly thru a stop sign, while on their cell phones, with the understanding that everyone else should be courteous to their needs. The ones that see nothing wrong with talking down to a cashier because they are somehow "better" than the person bagging their organic food. These are the ones I am talking about, how can you be nice to them? They make it so fucking hard! I try to think of what the Dali Lama says, about seeing people simply as people, humans, but after getting in my car, obeying the laws and doing all the right things, it's really difficult to see the asshole in the Yukon, talking on his call phone, while eating breakfast just breeze thru a stop sign, causing 2 other cars to slam their brakes on to avoid being hit....Human? No, big piece of human excrement? Yep, that's more like it.....

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